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"Three Days"  ’s   playful/violent couple   [Yoochun ~ So E-Hyun]

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Happy Birthday Jonghyun ♥ 

Jaejoong: Since there are a lot of guys here too, when the guys and girls are leaving later and if you find someone you’re interested in but you’re too concerned with JYJ to talk, then fold your pants up to your knees. If you’re wearing a skirt, fold the hem.
But skirt….ne-ne-nevermind.
Yoochun: What about skirts?
Junsu: There might be a slip-up. What if the skirts are already too short?
Jaejoong: People like that should fold the belt area once and make it a bit shorter.
Yoochun: You know what that person over there is saying at Jaejoong? “PERVERT!!”
Junsu: *points at Jae* Pervert!~
Yoochun: But have you met such a handsome pervert. It’s a waste to call him that.

Happy Birthday Kim Jonghyun of Shinee ♥ 900408 

KIM JONGHYUN through the years /// happy birthday!


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